vNext in Fremont

Is there anything better than joining a bunch of other people that like writing software to talk about writing software? Yes. There’s beer and sandwiches for one, and for two there’s conjoining on the subject of Windows 8 which is an exciting new software development opportunity.

Alex Golesh (@DevCorner) is a Microsoft MVP and did a smash bang job of presenting on even some of the less beginner and more intermediate parts of Windows 8 development (which is new to us all by the way). Alex’s experience includes a ton of XAML and C# development and he was able to bring all of that into Windows 8.

Next month at vNext (April 10). My colleague, MJ (@mjconnection), and I are going to continue the discussion with more of a HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript view of Windows 8 development. If you’re in the area, you should totally stop by.