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Fetch Azure FTP Credentials from the CLI

This is one of those posts I’m writing for future me (hi, future me!).

If you have an Azure Web App and you want to get its application-level deployment credentials (as opposed to its user-level deployment credentials), you need to run two commands using the Azure CLI:

# to get the FTP endpoint
az webapp show -g <resource group> -n <app name> --query ftpPublishingUrl

# to get your credentials
az webapp deployment list-publishing-credentials -n <app name> -g <resource group> --query '{name:name, publishingUserName:publishingUserName, publishingPassword:publishingPassword}'

The second command will give you the three components you need for your username and password credentials. You use the name and publishingUserName together to make your username - like this ${name}\${publishingUserName} in JavaScript template literal syntax, and you use the publishingPassword as the password.

That’s that!